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In Win-BizSolutions, we understand the tedious efforts of having to do the ground work of basic accounting, yet it is imperaive that someone had to do these work as well. Yet the costs of engaging someone to do the work can be quite expensive as we need to cater for their salary/services and/or perhaps a place for them to work in. However with our Online Accounting System, all these can be resolved with only a portion of the price and also being able to maintain the confidentiality of the business and also being able to see the financial situation of the business at will.

Below are some of the basic features of our accounting software Singapore:-

  • A great user interface with a responsive dashboard
  • Easily Affordable Monthly installment plans
  • Recording and Tracking Made Easy
  • Invoice and Quotation Managment
  • Inventory Management with RFID functions
  • Job Management & profitability
  • Managing your bills with CFM Functions.
  • Automated Bank Reconciliations
  • Automated Payroll Management
  • Comprehensive Financial Reports and Analysis
  • Real-time management and collaboration
  • OCR Software Functions
  • Outlook Connector – Able to send emails and reminders to customers for easier and prompting of payments
  • Consolidation Functions
  • Enhances features in accordance with FRS115
  • Tracing of GST
  • Management if Customer Database
  • Cloud-based Software Accounting
  • Mobile Invoicing
  • Payroll
  • Multiple Users
  • Strong Internal Control Functions
  • Free Support.

Automating up to 80% of all processes, e.g.Contact Import, Bank Feeds and Account Updates is made a lot easier
when using our accounting Cloud-based Software Singapore and accounting services for business. Companies that implement our software support:

  1. Increased efficiency
  2. Revenue Boosts
  3. Improved Compliances around tax.
  4. Growth and development of their client base

If you want to focus more of your time and money on more important matters,
then this cloud-based software Singapore solution is the ideal fit for your business

It provides seamless connectivity, delivered through a responsive and user-friendly dashboard
that provides high-value tools and functions for all your payroll and financial processes.

Benefit from total control and intuitive readings to run an efficient practice online.
This powerful accounting software platform has everything your clients need –
invoicing, bank reconciliation, reporting, contacts and more.

Enjoy seamless financial reporting to transform the running of your business.

For more information or a free initial consultation as to how our accounting software Singapore can assist you, please reach out to:

John Yeo
+65 91779846