Who we are

We are a fund-raising accounting firm whose purposes compasses 5 different areas:

  1. Economy
  2. Social Development
  3. Security
  4. Education
  5. Sustainability Survival

We believed that everyone is born equally and that every single person has the rights to live a life of dignity to his or her fullest potential within our society, and not just within the more advanced countries but also within the less-developed countries as well. We provided free services in support for ethical organisations so that they can do what they are best at – developing the country and increase the employment rate of that country. We also provide funding and generous donations in support for those less privilege groups so that they can feel the same type of care and concern just like anyone else.

Win-BizSolutions Consultancy was established in 2011 with a simple yet vital mission: to raise funds for the poor and needy with the purpose of bringing hope and light to all around us. It used to raise funds by way of allocation 50% of our service fees to our clients, but due to recent increase of demanding funds for the needier community and society, we had no options but to openly ask the public to help us in doing so.

Through our continuous work and effort, we hoped that the economy of those lesser developed countries will be able to rise faster and hopefully being able to provide jobs and also more opportunities for the needy there. We constantly kept a close monitoring of these companies that we helped and thus ensured that they do not exploit anyone during the process of hiring and employment and that the lesser privileged will be given exactly the same rights as the rest of the people. Should any of the companies that we found that were not in compliances with our ethnical standards, we will take immediate legal actions in pursuing their breach of agreements with them.

With the hope that our work and contributions will be appreciated and passed on, so that more people will be able to be saved and hopefully living a life of dignity and equal rights, we continuously seek ways to help people with special needs, people with disabilities, frail and lonely seniors and families facing difficulties. Often to the extent of conducting research on curing these people of their disabilities.

As such, Win-BizSolutions has built an enduring trust and partnership with many organisations, foundations and individuals and raised millions of much-needed dollars that enabled us to care for our beneficiaries.

What we do

Over the years, we have been engaging the community to support people in need through fund-raising via provisions of our services and volunteering to other companies who shares the same views as us as well as participating in any charitable activities as much as possible. We support about > 40 organisations in Singapore, allowing/encouraging them to provide aids and support on caring for the disadvantaged. As our fund-raising and operating costs are usually self-covered, we will try and allocate 100% of your donation goes towards helping:

  • Adults with disabilities to integrate into society
  • Children with special needs and youth-at-risk to reach their potential
  • Families in difficulty to stay resilient
  • Persons with mental health issues to integrate into society
  • Seniors to age gracefully in the community