Our Fees

Free Business Evaluation Service for Singapore Enterprises

At Win-BizSolutions, we are dedicated to enriching the local and regional economy by helping both startup and established enterprises develop and grow. Singapore has always been an commercial capital; and attracts numerous high caliber companies from all around the world. We are committed to providing the resources and expertise necessary to help local businesses capitalize on this prime commercial environment. It‘s for this reason that we offer a free business evaluation service to companies and enterprises based in Singapore and owned majority by our local Singaporeans

We provide this service to help local companies improve and develop their business model. A professional consultant will comprehensively assess your current output, systems, functions, and environment to identify areas for improvement. Because Win-BizSolutions offer complete solutions for the corporate sector, we are able to provide insight across the many departments and mechanisms of a company. From identifying morale problems to suggesting ways a company can streamline their business processes, there is no aspect of a business we are not able to accurately evaluate and improve.

Our Accounting Services in Singapore free evaluation services are available to businesses of all sizes, from large multinationals looking for ways to implement cost cutting and yet to boost overall productivity to small businesses who are looking to develop and expand. In addition to this, we provide a range of free planning and development services to start-up companies looking to establish themselves in the corporate world. For more information on our fees, or to esquire about a business evaluation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 9177 9846.

Accounting Services

$ 200 onwards per months transaction for low volume
$ 500 up for accounting service on yearly basis
$ 100 per setup for setting up of computerised or web-based accounting system
$ 150 per quarter for preparation GST calculation and to fill-up GST F5


Income Tax Services

Sole Proprietor Partnership Company  Filing of Form C and tax computation for company with
$300 $450 $300 Annual Turnover less than S$150,000
$335 $490 $400 Annual Turnover less than S$200,000
$370 $540 $500 Annual Turnover less than S$300,000
$410 $570 $600 Annual Turnover less than S$400,000
$450 $620 $700 Annual Turnover less than S$500,000
$500 $670 $800 Annual Turnover less than S$600,000
$550 $720 $900 Annual Turnover less than S$700,000
$600 $780 $1,000 Annual Turnover less than S$800,000
$650 $840 $1,100 Annual Turnover less than S$900,000
$700+ $900+ $1,200 Annual Turnover less than S$1,000,000


Singapore Incorporation Services

$ 105 per application for local individual investor who form a sole proprietor
$ 135 per application for local individual investor who form a partnership
$ 200 per application for local individual investor who form a limited liability partnership
$ 250 per application for local individual investor who form a limited partnership
$ 250 per application Incorporation of Singapore Registered Private Limited


Secretary Services

$ 300 per annum for small, relatively simple structure and newly incorporated company
$ 480 per annum for active Company
$ 540 per annum for foreign owned company, large corporate, complicated structured company
$ 45 per application for Renewal of Business License
$ 80 per application for Changes to Business Particulars
$ 170 per assignment for Annual Declaration to ACRA (LLP)
$ 250 per assignment for Translation of Financial Statements Reoprts into XBRL for annual filing
$ 300 per assignment for Striking off of Company


Human Resource

$300+ Auto-Inclusion Scheme ( in compliance to IRAS)
$200+ Productivity and Innvoation Credit Cash Grant Claim Submission
$50 up Monthly Payroll
$ 100 per application CPF Account Application


Other Services

$ 2,000 per annum for nominee director fee ($2,000 deposit is required)
$ 125 per application for GST application
Varies for Ad-Hoc Secretarial Services & Resolution Drafting
Varies Web, Business Cards, and Logo Design


Business Advisory

$7,000.00 HR Capital Development
$6,000.00 Financial Management
$7,000.00 Business Innovation & Design
$6,000.00 Business Strategy Development
$6,000.00 Productivity Improvement


Employment Pass/Visa/PR application

$600 for long-term visit pass, dependent pass and professional pass
$600 $900 for Employment pass, EntrePass application
$2,000.00 for writing up of business plan for EntrePass application
$2,000 to $3,000 for PR application

50% of all revenue collected will be used for charitable purposes towards helping those that are less fortunate and needy as well distributing back towards Nation-Building And Economic Development. All procedures has been conducted in full compliances to the Charitable Act. Note: All Prices stated above only acts as a guide and are subjected to changes and appeals from our department of Appeals. For further discounts and appeals, please submit this form to ykh@wingroup.org