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Win-BizSolutions Consultancy is the leading business solutions provider in Singapore, providing a diverse range of services and solutions to corporate clients all over the world. As a strong advocate of Corporate Social Responsibility, we not only look at the finances and practicality of functions, but also at the social and environmental aspects of a business. With our huge network and well trained and experienced staff from a wide range of industries, we specialize in not only providing solutions that cater to the unique needs and goals of your business, but also to provide your staff with adequate training in acc.

In addition, Win-BizSolutions Consultancy also provides a list of back-end corporate support services for companies of all sizes including accounting and financial services, internal audit, incorporation services, taxation services, corporate secretarial services, accounting and bookkeeping services – a requirement as provided under Section 171 of the Companies Act.

On this page we advertise a range of career opportunities for professionals in Singapore. So whether you’re looking for a job in finance or want to challenge yourself with a position in sales, we have something to offer you.


Sales Representative (Business)


  • Present and promote company’s business development services to potential clients
  • Prepare schedules and develop sales material (if any)
  • Establish client relationship and resolve concerns
  • Developing and coming up with new sales tactics and strategies
  • Attends monthly sales meeting with the General Manager
  • Contribute new ideas for different businesses
  • Working closely with the General Manager in promoting sales and developing businesses
  • Meets monthly sales targets



  • Must be a Singaporean citizen
  • Experienced in promoting services to others
  • Committed and loyal to the company
  • Possesses positive working attitude
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • NO qualification needed
  • Must have prior knowledge in different marketing methods
  • Salary will be based on the level of competency.
  • Results-oriented with no adverse effects on customer relationship

Take this opportunity to join an international team of professionals, implement and develop software and provide consulting solutions for international projects. This job is an opportunity for young professionals to develop a solid foundation from which to build your career in sales.

Please identify in email whether you would prefer a permanent or contractual role.

For this position, interested applicants can apply directly to


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