Taxation Service


Tax has been the most troublesome and yet it is compulsory for all companies to submit their tax returns at least once every year. A lot of us having to spent huge amount of time in just computing and submitting their tax returns without knowing that there is a better way to do so.

In Win-BizSolutions Consultancy, we provide all sorts of tax remedies for your company while offering the widest and most comprehensive range of tax services that caters to each stage of a business’ growth and development, so that you can better focus on securing the consumer’s dollar without having to meddle with the tax authorities. We are offering for Taxation Service in Singapore, Income Tax Services in Singapore, Accounting Services Singapore, Corporate Secretarial Services and Corporate Services in Singapore.



Singapore Tax Compliance

  • Monitoring of statutory tax filing deadlines and working closely with clients to meet them
  • Preparing and review of tax returns along with identification of potential issues
  • Submitting the finalized tax return and computation to you for signature and agreement
    before filing with tax authority
  • Advising on the tax payment due dates upon receipt of the Notice of Assessment
  • Application for Singapore Tax Incentives

Tax Advisory Services

  • Tax Due Diligence review
  • Tax Advice on inbound and outbound investments
  • Review of business flow and contracts
  • Tax Advice on group corporate structure and business restructuring

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GST Planning and Compliance

  • GST Advice on Start-up issues
  • GST Registration
  • Pre-registration GST input tax claims
  • Application for special GST Registration
  • GST advisory on local and cross border transactions
  • Health checks to avoid common GST pitfalls and to improve efficiency
  • Review and preparation of GST Returns
  • Application for Major Export Scheme (MES) and renewal of MES
  • Conduction of GST Assisted Self-Help Kit (ASK) review
  • In-house GST Training
  • Voluntary disclosure programme
  • Handling of IRAS queries
  • Filing of F7 error correction forms
  • GST advice on implications of de-registration of GST
  • Filing of GST Forms 8 (final return) and 9 (de-registration)